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Warming up with heat therapy

Stiff back? Aching muscles? We’ve all been there, and although OTC medication can help with pain, heat therapy actually improves range of motion and can reduce pain better than analgesics in some cases.

Although our products were not designed specifically to provide heat therapy, when an innovative customer shared that she uses of our Heated Add-On as a remedy for her sore back, we thought she might be on to something. Turns out that heat therapy has been used for centuries for pain management and to alleviate muscle spasms, so we decided to dedicate a post to the power behind our product—heat!

Muscle strain and injury

With spring in the air, lots of folks will be renewing their commitment to both yard work and outdoor exercise, both of which have the propensity to be a pain in the backside, if you know what I mean. That pain is typically caused by a breakdown in fascia and muscle tissue. Applying heat to painful, stiff areas causes blood vessels beneath the skin to dilate, flooding the area with oxygen-rich blood.

Increased blood flow to damaged areas helps remove toxins and lactic acid, which often builds up in overworked muscles, making post-workout heat therapy an ideal drug-free pain management strategy.

Applying heat prior to exercise can even help increase range of motion, potentially preventing injury.

Bring the heat to beat back pain

Relief for arthritis and chronic pain

 Sufferers of chronic pain caused by inflammation or arthritis may find relief from heat therapy as well, since the increased blood flow that helps heal broken down tissue also reduces inflammation and makes connective tissue more flexible. The Arthritis Foundation recommends heat therapy as part of a basic pain management and prevention strategy.

Choosing the right therapy for your condition

Heat therapy can frequently be most effective when alternated with cold therapy. For new injuries, ice or cold packs are usually recommended in order to reduce swelling. Understanding which therapy is right for your condition is an important consideration, and you should consult your doctor before undertaking any new therapeutic treatment.

 There are some reasons not to use heat therapy. Generally speaking:

  • Don’t use heat if there’s swelling. Use cold first, then heat.
  • Don’t use heat if you have poor circulation or diabetes.
  • Don’t use heat on an open wound or stitches.
  • Restrict use of heat to 20 minutes or less.

Relax and enjoy

The therapeutic benefits of direct heat notwithstanding, being warm and comfy is just plain relaxing. Our prescription for a chilly morning campground or outdoor soccer game? Chaheati! Our heated camp chairs and new “add-on” seat can make nearly any seating area warm and cozy.

What are your favorite uses for your Chaheati? Leave us a note in the comments and we’ll feature our favorites in an upcoming blog post!



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Spring sports are starting- are you ready?

According to Punxsutawney Phil, spring is still a few weeks away, but many ‘spring sports’ practices are in full swing, and games are just around the corner. From baseball to track, soccer, and lacrosse, parents everywhere are gearing up for a lot of quality time on the sidelines.

March and April are fickle months; one day you’re sweating in a t shirt, and the next, shivering in your ski jacket. Temperature highs and lows often fluctuate 20° or more during the spring, depending on your location. Planning ahead for weather at outdoor activities in the spring can be a challenge, since temperatures often shift dramatically throughout the day. Here are some best practices to help you get through various outdoor activities in changeable weather.


Everyone knows that layering is a good idea, but most people don’t really know how (or what) to layer for optimum comfort. To start with, each layer has a function. The base layer (against your skin) keeps you dry, the mid (or insulating) layer protects you from the cold, and the outer layer protects you from wind and rain. Mix and match as needed; if wind and rain aren’t concerns, the first two layers may be sufficient.

If you regularly attend outdoor sporting events or go camping, it’s probably worth investing in decent equipment. Most high-quality brands are designed to take a beating and last for years. Do your research — visiting a reputable outdoor gear shop or reading reviews online can be a good start.


Addressing physical comfort

For most folks, standing during an entire little league double-header is not a good time. Bleacher seating is not much better- think hard, cold metal + annoying sports parents. Of course, we shamelessly recommend sitting in style (and comfort) in our Chaheati camp chairs. With four heated settings and a comfortable, durable design, our chairs are second-to-none when it comes to unpredictable temperatures.

Food & Beverages

Another way to keep warm or cool off at a game is from the inside out! A mug of nice, hot coffee makes a frosty, early morning event downright enjoyable, while a cold soda or bottle of water can be a life-saver in more sweltering conditions. Keeping those beverages and snacks at the proper temperature can be challenging, but an insulated cooler like this one can make a big difference to your enjoyment of that hot pastrami sandwich or cup of icy lemonade. (If you’re headed to a tailgate, check out these insulated shot glasses.)

No matter what sport your kid/niece/grandson plays, you’re bound to enjoy it more with a little advanced preparation. Sit back (preferably in your Chaheati chair), relax, and stay comfy, friends!

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Hiking the Appalachian Trail – Expert Guide (2019)

The Appalachian Trail is perhaps the most well known of all of the National Scenic Trails in the United States. The trail stretches for 2,190 miles through 14 states and takes approximately 5 to 7 months to hike in its entirety. 

Here you will find all of the information you need to plan for a hike on the Appalachian Trail, whether you’re going for a weekend or hiking the entire trail. 

The Appalachian Trail offers a variety of scenery, is well maintained by volunteers, has established campsites for hikers, and is centered around a hiking community that’s like no other in the world.

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Travel Heated Seat Cover – Launching on The Grommet


We are launching on the Grommet on Tuesday, Sept. 29th. Since 2008, The Grommet has launched more than 2,000 consumer products in 16 consumer categories. Only 3% of all products considered by The Grommet are selected. Check it out here:

Take the luxury of your heated car seat wherever you go. The Chaheati cover is cordless—charge it from home or the car and enjoy a toasty seat anywhere.

Maker Kyle Smith was enjoying a bonfire one chilly night when he realized that his wife kept getting out of her seat to warm her back. When he couldn’t find a portable heat solution, he decided to make his own.

Chaheati uses energy-efficient carbon fiber instead of heating coils, so there are no hot spots. The weather-resistant, durable design makes it great for outdoor use. Charge the battery and enjoy hours of heat tailgating, on a fall camping trip, or watching the kids’ soccer game.

This heated seat pad can also provide relief from sore muscles and back pain. The infrared technology and even heat are often used by therapists for deep muscle penetration.

Soothe a sore back and keep warm anywhere—with Chaheati, any seat is a heated seat.

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College Tailgate Care Packages: A memorable send-off gift for your new freshman!

Although it’s still 90 degrees here in the midwest, recent high school grads are scouring the stores for dorm room necessities and making moving plans. It’s hard to believe, but most college students will be heading to school in only a few weeks! Maybe you have a stack of announcements and have been wanting to send the perfect going-away gifts, or your son/daughter/niece/nephew/grandchild is a new college freshman and you want to send them off in style.

There are oodles of ‘what to pack for college’ lists out there, but while a shower caddy is certainly a practical gift, you can really make their college sendoff care package memorable by combining a few essentials for that most important of college rituals…the tailgate.


Game Day Face Paint allows your game-day warrior to show his or her true colors. You can also head over to Fanatics for temporary tattoos and nail art to show your team the love.

Etsy has some fantastic collegiate jewelry options so your student can ‘sport’ a little bling at the game (sorry, it was too good to pass up).

A wheeled cooler really comes in handy for those long walks from the dorm to the stadium. Options for team colors or logos abound.

What’s a tailgate without brats and burgers? Weber’s line of Go Anywhere grills are compact enough for easy storage and setup is a breeze.

In most of North America, football weather means hoodies, hats, and a cold posterior. Make your favorite fan the envy of the tailgate with our favorite (naturally) cold-weather camp chair. Chaheati heated camp chairs not only warm your buns (not the bratwurst kind), but they’re super comfy to sit in. Rocking a stadium seat? Our heated add-on lets you boldly sit wherever the game takes you. Your collegiate sports fan will get a warm, fuzzy feeling at every pregame event.

As for food and beverages, those are harder to pack into a goody basket, but if you’re visiting, be sure to check out our tips for a weather-defying tailgate party, including food and drink ideas to take your ‘gate to the next level.

We hope our college gift giving guide helps you find the perfect going away gift for your college-bound kid. And with winter  just around the corner, you’ve got a head start on your holiday shopping list!

What are your favorite gifts for college-bound freshmen (or upperclassmen)? Share your best ideas in the comments!

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Six ways Chaheati will save you summer

Greetings and Happy Fathers’ Day, readers! As the nonstop stream of barbecues, baseball games, and longer days kick into high gear, you’ll need to be prepared. You know that rain or shine, you’ll be outside, and Chaheati has your back every time. Literally. See what we did there?

In a shameless plug for our product (it is our blog after all), we’ve assembled a list of the myriad ways Chaheati chairs can improve your quality of life this summer.

Little League


If you have kids, you’ve probably spent some portion of your life attending activities that involve hot, dusty fields and chain link backstops. Although you’ll likely transport about a half ton of gear to the field, make sure you prioritize! Your Chaheati camp chair will be the envy of all your fellow spectators as they squirm on the blazing hot bleachers. And Chaheati’s Water-Resistant Denier fabric means it will dry quickly after those summer storms that aren’t quite enough to call a rain-out, but just enough to leave things damp and uncomfortable (no guarantees that your shorts will dry as quickly).


As a patriotic American (sorry Canada), it’s pretty much mandatory that you find and view some kind of fireworks display on July 4. What would Independence Day be without hearing the cries of “oooohs”, “aaaahs” and “I told you not to light sparklers in the garage!” from your friends and neighbors? You’ll be pleased with Chaheati’s rugged construction and ability to stand up to 280 lbs as the small children screaming in terror start to pile up in your lap.

Parades & Festivals

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Summer brings with it a nearly endless variety of summer festivals and parades. Whether you’re interested in music, historical reenactments, rodeos, or strolling heifers, someone somewhere is busily planning their homage to your favorite things. Sit parade-side in style with your oversized Chaheati chair. Bonus feature: two cup holders mean fewer trips to concession stands!


Fire up the grill–summer wouldn’t be complete without barbecues. Whether you like your sauce tangy, sweet, or fiery hot, you’ll need a place to sit, or face the increased probability that you will be wearing that sauce home. You’ll be grateful for the comfy, baked bean-resistant sweet seat you’re in, and our hosts will be grateful for your BYOC (bring your own chair) thoughtfulness as they haul out lawn chairs from the depths of the garage.


One of our favorite ways to use our Chaheati camp chairs is to do just that–camp! Chaheati’s rugged and durable construction means you’ll sit in comfort at the beach, on a mountaintop, or anywhere in between. The super high efficiency battery lasts for over 500 uses, which means one less thing to worry about on your trip! The water- and fire-resistant fabric make Chaheati a perfect addition to your camp furniture collection wherever you roam.


Lawn Seats

A growing number of cities and towns now boast outdoor concerts and theatrical performances, many of which have free or lower cost ‘lawn seats’ available. While lying on a blanket under the stars is a lovely idea, after an hour or so my back is not on board, and I know there will be a price to pay. In addition to the super-comfy seating surface, our Chaheati camp chair also offers four heat settings (look ma- no coil!) to keep you cozy long after the sun goes down.

We hope that wherever you are, you enjoy your summer. We love product feedback and love your Chaheati stories even more! Drop us a line and we may feature you in a future blog post. Happy summer everyone!


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Are You Ready for Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is around the corner, and everyone is planning for the long weekend. Longer daylight hours offer lots of opportunities to get off the beaten path and see Mother Nature coming back to life. You can also attend one of the many festivals held across the US.

Every state has their “go-to” campgrounds, but we love to look for the hidden gems tucked away in remote (and sometimes not-so-remote) areas. National parks are always a good choice too, whether it’s a day hike or a multi-day expedition.

Whether you’re spending a weekend hiking the Appalachian trail or enjoying the view from a canoe, you’ll want to be prepared. We suggest toting along our heated camping chair (of course!). No matter where you roam, the nights are likely to be chilly, so snuggle in and turn up the heat. And, for a limited time, Chaheati is offering free shipping to US customers!

We hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. We are honored by your patronage and grateful for the men and women who died for our freedom. America truly is beautiful.

Have a special place you want to share? Leave us a comment and we may feature it in a blog post!


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Building Strength for Camping and Hiking

Hiking is one of the best forms of exercise because it provides a long, low-intensity cardio workout. But you may need to be building strength for camping and hiking first. Hiking injuries to knees and ankles are common. Prevent these injuries with a pre-hiking workout to build strength and endurance. Here are a few exercises to start a gradual buildup of strength before your big hike.