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Warming up with heat therapy

Stiff back? Aching muscles? We’ve all been there, and although OTC medication can help with pain, heat therapy actually improves range of motion and can reduce pain better than analgesics in some cases.

Although our products were not designed specifically to provide heat therapy, when an innovative customer shared that she uses of our Heated Add-On as a remedy for her sore back, we thought she might be on to something. Turns out that heat therapy has been used for centuries for pain management and to alleviate muscle spasms, so we decided to dedicate a post to the power behind our product—heat!

Muscle strain and injury

With spring in the air, lots of folks will be renewing their commitment to both yard work and outdoor exercise, both of which have the propensity to be a pain in the backside, if you know what I mean. That pain is typically caused by a breakdown in fascia and muscle tissue. Applying heat to painful, stiff areas causes blood vessels beneath the skin to dilate, flooding the area with oxygen-rich blood.

Increased blood flow to damaged areas helps remove toxins and lactic acid, which often builds up in overworked muscles, making post-workout heat therapy an ideal drug-free pain management strategy.

Applying heat prior to exercise can even help increase range of motion, potentially preventing injury.

Bring the heat to beat back pain

Relief for arthritis and chronic pain

 Sufferers of chronic pain caused by inflammation or arthritis may find relief from heat therapy as well, since the increased blood flow that helps heal broken down tissue also reduces inflammation and makes connective tissue more flexible. The Arthritis Foundation recommends heat therapy as part of a basic pain management and prevention strategy.

Choosing the right therapy for your condition

Heat therapy can frequently be most effective when alternated with cold therapy. For new injuries, ice or cold packs are usually recommended in order to reduce swelling. Understanding which therapy is right for your condition is an important consideration, and you should consult your doctor before undertaking any new therapeutic treatment.

 There are some reasons not to use heat therapy. Generally speaking:

  • Don’t use heat if there’s swelling. Use cold first, then heat.
  • Don’t use heat if you have poor circulation or diabetes.
  • Don’t use heat on an open wound or stitches.
  • Restrict use of heat to 20 minutes or less.

Relax and enjoy

The therapeutic benefits of direct heat notwithstanding, being warm and comfy is just plain relaxing. Our prescription for a chilly morning campground or outdoor soccer game? Chaheati! Our heated camp chairs and new “add-on” seat can make nearly any seating area warm and cozy.

What are your favorite uses for your Chaheati? Leave us a note in the comments and we’ll feature our favorites in an upcoming blog post!



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Chaheati’s Advanced Heating Technology

We talked previously about the technology behind the Chaheati heated chair, but we wanted to specifically discuss the heating technology today. We originally said that when we designed the Chaheati, we tried to avoid a bulky, obtrusive heating coil. Not only would it weigh down the chair during transport, but such a rigid coil would be prone to bending damage. And we can only imagine how comfortable such a heating unit would be to sit on.

What we ended up settling on is a technology involving a little something called Far Infrared Rays (FIR). What does this mean? Well, FIR is merely infrared energy at a higher wavelength than that of the visible light radiated from the sun. This infrared energy easily penetrates human tissue, warming the skin quickly. But don’t confuse it with ultraviolet light, which is responsible for giving us sunburn.

If you’re still confused, think of infrared energy this way: you still feel warm even after applying a coat of sunscreen. Why? The sunscreen blocks only the ultraviolet light, not the infrared light, which warms you. That same sort of infrared energy safely keeps you warm while sitting in the Chaheati.

So how does Chaheati tap into this infrared energy to efficiently heat it? Rather than using traditional metal wires and running high-voltage electricity through it to heat you, we opted to use carbon fibers panels to capture and transmit energy in the form of heat from FIR. Our heating system utilizes a lightweight, low-voltage lithium-ion battery to provide energy to the carbon fibers, which in turn radiate energy. You stay naturally warm at a lower temperature because FIR penetrates skin more readily. The added benefit is that you end up with longer battery life than you would with a more conventional heating system.

We hope that that better explains the tech behind the heating unit but in a relatively simple manner. As always, if you ever have any questions for us, contact us. We’ll get to your questions as soon as we can.

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Pay It Forward-Keep Someone Warm this Winter

It’s been a busy 2011 already for us here at Chaheati, and we hope everyone has had a great 2011 so far. We’ve had a pretty solid bout of winter weather hit us here in Illinois, forcing us to grab a blanket and a warm cup of hot chocolate. This got me thinking about the creature comforts of winter.

For centuries humans have found various ways to stay warm during the cold winter months. It wasn’t long ago that having shelter, a warm protective layer, and source of heat were most important to survival. Today we are more prone to taking these things for granted. We may find ourselves eyeing a new scarf even though we already have two, forgetting that there are some unfortunate people who don’t even have a roof over their head.

That’s why Chaheati is encouraging folks to warm up to giving. If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re interested in out heated chair. And trust me — our Chaheati will keep you warm for any indoor and outdoor activities you choose to participate in. After you pick up a chair, consider picking up those people who are less fortunate this winter. A donation of even a dollar is likely to help someone stay a little bit warmer this winter. So choose a charity that you can get behind and give a little to those who are most needy.

Happy New Year to everyone! May your 2011 bring you happiness and success in all that you do.

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Enjoying the Great Outdoors with Chaheati

Here in Illinois there are a heap of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, and we’re thankful for that. We can fish Lake Michigan, hunt ducks along the Mississippi River, rock climb in southern Illinois, or camp in hundreds of places in the state. With such a wealth of things to do outdoors year round, it’s no surprise that people bring along the best gear. When we go, there’s always one item we always have to bring with us: a Chaheati heated chair.

Now we don’t want to mock the importance of other outdoor items like water containers, hiking boots, and a good pocket knife. They all have an important place in the outdoorsman’s gear collection. But we regard our Chaheati as the Swiss Army knife of camp chairs: we wouldn’t leave home without it.

So how does Chaheati make the great outdoors even greater? First, the rugged design of this chair will keep you out there longer than many other chair. We put a lot of thought into our design, drawing on the work of other extreme sports equipment manufacturers. We wanted to make sure that the materials we used would guarantee a lifetime of comfort outdoors.

The metal tubing used in the chair is designed to be weight-tolerant, allowing for bodies of any size to comfortably use the Chaheati. Next, our heating design ensures that when you need warmth from your chair, you’ll get it quickly and efficiently. Simply plug in the battery and select from four convenient temperature settings. We also know that a camping chair is frequently used around water and fire. That’s why we chose a fire and water-resistant fabric for the Chaheati to ensure safety and comfort no matter the season.

As for the battery, it keeps you warm in your Chaheati for up to six hours. It’s easy to recharge your battery pack afterwards, and it can even be charged from a vehicle’s cigarette lighter. For extra mileage, outdoor fans can have a second battery pack waiting in the wings.

So if you’re considering going ice fishing in winter or camping in the summer, Chaheati makes the perfect all-season camping chair. Its rugged yet comfortable design will have you sitting in it again and again, no matter if it’s in the mountains or your own back yard. We certainly do!